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current tasks

by on December 31, 2012

too many interrupts and too many uncompleted tasks, so here is the list:

  1. Hadoop on VMWare
    1. Install vCeneter 5.1 – I failed by myself, so requested our IT to do it for us
      We need windows 2008 server with domains and all, SQLServer and all should be a stand-alone server.
    2. Install several ESXi 5.1
    3. Add some memory
    4. Complete the test plan
  2. CDH4
    1. I started installation but the F*#-er won’t install
    2. Created a local yum repository but it insists on going to the net (with bad bandwidth)
    3. Have to be completed!
  3. Cloud Storage – Openstack
    1. Need to find some expets who can build with us a test case
  4. SDN and network virtualization
    1. Finish my installation
    2. Add FloodLight as the controller

That’s it?


the network issues on in one of the cluster seems to be resolved by applying new firmware to the NICs and updating the drivers. i do hope this is done, and i won’t need to retest and replace cables and stuff.

I  probably have some other minor tasks which slipped my mind


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