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damn fstab – replacing-disks issue

by on January 20, 2013

When I installed my IBM cluster with Linux I’ve let the installation handle all my internal disks (DAS)

the /etc/fstab looks terrible – it uses UUID and the mount flags are mandatory

Now I come to replace a faulted disk, and the system would not come up – it is stuck because of a missing disk.

To solve i had to do the following:

  1. Login via the IMM
    1. BTW1 – does anyone change ever the default user/pass of IMM?
    2. BTW2 – have to use firefox for this as chrome won’t work for some reason
  2. Start the Remote Control 
  3. Launch Virtual Media and attach a Linux ISO (I use RHEL)
  4. Boot in rescue mode
  5. during rescue mode have the system disk mounted – NOT as read only
  6. cd /mnt/sysimage (or whatever name)
  7. cd etc
  8. edit the fstab – I just remark the missing disks
  9. Reboot (and unmount the Virtual Media)

And some notes to self:

  • Configure already Cobbler for installing servers automatically
  • Go over all These servers and change their /etc/fstab
  • Have some monitoring scripts to check for faulted disks and send alerts
  • Check if i should use LVM for DAS or not
    • the cluster is for hadoop and all recommends not  to use LVM
    • Replacing faulted disks might be easier with LVM


comments, suggestions and links to specific solutions of the above are welcomed


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