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Floodlight and Open-vSwitch – so far so good

by on January 21, 2013

Well – i managed to have things working :-)

I even manage to connect two switches!

I have now 5 servers for this task (just because I have, not that I need so many)

2 of them have ubuntu with OVS. one also the floodlight. both also have KVM and some VMs.

the other 3 are just for client server tasks

I managed to play with the FW – simply followed instructions.

LB is my next task and it seems more complex – i think I need to download another FL version.

at least the topology looks nice :)

You can see 

  • two switches:
  • Switch A
  • 2 VMs (11, 22)
  • 2 physical servers (88,87)
  • connection to Switch B
  • Switch B
  • 1 VM (33)
  • 1 physical server (119)



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  1. Matt permalink

    Are you going to add the procedure used to connect switches and floodlight together?
    I would like to see how all this is working and what configuration(s) were used

  2. Could you please post your localrc file config and any config files on the compute machines as well. Every time we bring up a VM, we see 3 new interfaces being added. Not sure how to proceed after that.

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