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“Enjoying” network problems :(

by on March 18, 2013

I’m back to the GPHD testing and I’m trying to configure the servers.

I have 5 servers for data node and another for management.

I managed to configure all, attach disks as RDM and ran some tests.

Than I wanted to switch to the 10GB NICs – and ta-dam.

Some servers just won’t work.

I have all the NICs already in place, connected to an NX5K.

I’m sure they’ve worked one time or another – I used to have the servers with RHEL – but now, they just do not connect.

Going to my lab, I discovered that some boxes with network cables are missing from the room, so the testing of what is problematic became more difficult.
(Someone thought this is an excellent time for cleanup – we have Passover coming soon – so he/she just took them boxes away.)

So, I went server by server (luckily I’m using only 6), I discovered two servers with communication errors. one I quickly fixed with replacing its cable to one from another server I do not use.

To fix the other I actually had to switch physical port in the switch.


lesson learnt – don’t have one just yet.


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