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OpenStack using devstack – Big Success

by on April 10, 2013

I just followed the commands from here

And was able to work with the OpenStack in (almost) no time.

I had to take ubuntu (opposing to RHEL which I’m used to), but this part went fine.

The part I had some trouble with was defining correctly the proxy.

I’ve set and unset the http_proxy and https_proxy, but i was not aware of export no_proxy=localhost that I should also used.

if this is not set  whenever the script tries to go to the local host, after it installed some parts of openstack, well – it failed. Once I figured out that it worked fine.

Another good word – rerunning the script picked from the last failed part, so i did not need to un-install and re-install the SW.

A small improvement could be to give a list of all required SW, so one get download them beforehand – will be good for installing on servers with no internet access, or when installing  multiple times – I have already the SW, no need to download it…

Most of the exercise scripts worked as well, and now is the time to understand what they are doing exactly…

Next step – install VMs on ESX…


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