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pig script to convert snappy into gzip

by on March 3, 2015

My first ever pig script:

set output.compression.enabled true;
set output.compression.codec;
A = load '/path/to/snappy/dir/part*' using PigStorage();
store A into '/path/to/gzip/dir' USING PigStorage();

It’s that simple :)

I don’t know why we chose snappy for compression as we’ve found out that many third party could not reach out and read this type of data.
The compression is also nto as strong.
e.g. from pig output:

Successfully read 6041224101 records (205720552522 bytes) from: "/path/to/snappy/dir/part*"
Successfully stored 6041224101 records (117690493503 bytes) in: "/path/to/gzip/dir"

and from hdfs du -s -h command:

> hdfs dfs -du -s -h "/path/to/snappy/dir/"
191.6 G  574.8 G  /path/to/snappy/dir/
> hdfs dfs -du -s -h "/path/to/gzip/dir"
109.6 G  328.8 G  /path/to/gzip/dir
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