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How to delete a cluster in HortonWorks (for testing purposes)

by on April 23, 2017


During my testing of creating clusters using blueprints, i want just to recreate the cluster – not reinstall all packages.

Unlike the other vendor we’re using it is impossible to delete a cluster in HortonWorks.

It is possible to remove components and hosts, but you’ll end up with a single component (usually zookeeper) on a single host and this last component cannot be deleted.

So the steps should be:

Shutting down and cleaning cluster

  • Stop cluster
  • Remove all components in the right order of dependency (zookeeper will be last)
  • Remove all hosts till one is left
  • Stop ambari-agents on all hosts
  • Stop ambari-server
  • Stop PostgreSQL

Removing and recreating the cluster

  • Cleanup the PostgreSQL data dir – /var/lib/pgsql/data
  • Initialise DB using “postgresql-setup initdb”
  • setup ambari if required, e.g.
    “ambari-server setup –jdbc-db=postgres –jdbc-driver=/path/to/postgresql-jdbc.jar”
  • initialize ambari-server:
    “ambari-server setup -j /path/to/java/jdk/ -s”
  • start ambari-server and agents

And voila – empty ambari, ready for playing with blueprints.


  • Remove all components using REST APIs
  • Automate process with a single script
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