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Something works for a change (at least partially)

by on April 27, 2017

We have a sudden request from the sales department:

They want to see reports on an iPad to show the potential customers.


Should be easy?

  • Moday
    • We got the request
    • As the back-end server requires now a “Mobile” component I decide to install a new instance on another server
    • and fail
    • The server needs an Oracle server for its metadata
    • During the installation i got some warning which I ignored
    • Copying project from another server resulted in space issues of the instance
    • I’ve resized Oracle table spaces and recreated metadata
    • Still warnings during installation (about UTF settings and such)
    • Meanwhile a mail is sent by the product person that installation is done
  • Tuesday
    • Failed to use the instances so I switched to another Oracle instance
    • No errors
    • We copy the relevant projects and set up the server
    • Now – how do we test that it works on iPad? the sales person already flu to customer
    • So – I install Android SDK + Emulator on my desktop
    • My desktop barely lives with emulator memory requirements.
    • I find how to connect the  emulator to the network:
emulator.exe -avd Nexus_10_API_25 -dns-server
    • and how to install the APK:
adb.exe install /path/to/Product_GA_Android.apk
    • But I cannot find how to connect report application to the right URL to see the reports.
  • Wednesday
    • The products’s support person is OOO
    • We manage to put our hands on two iPad
    • New issue – how to connect the iPad to the corporate network?
    • To find the right person who can do it is a major task
    • I have some other tasks
  • Thursday (today)
    • The products’s support person is here
    • While showing him the emulator I do some extra clicks
    • and voila – I can see the reports in the emulator!!
    • We’re half way there…
    • Applause
  • TODO
    • Now we need the network and security teams to allow the network connection and we can do the final reports tuning.
    • We’ll meet them on Sunday.
    • Getting an iMac so we can have iPad emulator on it (a tough task)
    • Although – I’m sure that when the sales team will do a demo for the next customer, the network will not be available.

Now we can rest for the weekend

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