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Working in a large company in quiet a dream-job – Our team is the R of R&D…

We have the mandate to check new technologies and how can they affect our products – mainly reduce costs and be more competative

We’ve got quiet a large lab with 34 HP Servers, a few Blades, IBM servers, SuperMicro servers and some old ones from various vendors.
We have a new IBM v7000 and an older small NetApp
We have a few cisco catalyst switches, 1GB and 100MB and a new Nexus 5K with a 2K extension

We check quiet a large various of topics – Storage, Network, compute power, Internal business processes, recommendation to customers and 3rd party SW – Open and from Vendors alike.

We got some loose  schedule on some of the issues as we need to provide documents (mainly best practices) to different groups who may be interested, but this may be tighten as some people get interest and really want us to bring them knowledge.

And the most enjoyably part for me is that I have full control of the lab – root password and all – a thing that IT people in my company hold usually tight to themselves…

And some notes:

First – pardon my English (I think it is quiet good, but I am not a native English speaker)

Second – I’m not sure how much to reveal  about my company and our business, so I’m trying to be vague in some parts

Third  – I’m not an expert on most of the things i write, so I’ll try to learn as I go. (and the older posts where i write nonsense will live to shame me forever…)

and last – as any blog writer – comments and remarks (of any sort) are gladly welcomed.

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